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P For Pistol is a fun, 2D, top down, single player, shooter that pits the player as a magical dick pistol wielding heroin against a cast of perverse super powered foes.

The game is a wave based shooter that accumulates in a duel against the final four bosses of the game, the most powerful foes in the region.

In a world full of average folks, The Pistol, as he is eponymous known, is one of the rare individuals who have gained seemingly super powered abilities using their creativity as fuel.

 This feat is not limited to men of good intentions, evildoers have gained abilities of their own and are running amok in town, The Pistol must defeat them and bring them to face justice.

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The Pistol can summon additional guns and ligaments at will, ranging from a babies leg to dodge or flame throwers to light up the stage. 

Choose a variety of traits to transform your Pistol, but be aware,  every transformation is a contract and it has its price.

We have planned roughly waves of enemies to be defeated and 1-4 boss fights, to be revealed as we develop.

The final boss is, The Piston, he can do everything you can but better.

P For Pistol Legacy is intended to be a free version of the game while it is development.

 We are a team of one programmer, one illustrator and one 3d artist. We regularly post updates on social media and welcome new ideas for mechanics or designs to make the game even more fun.

The intended full release date in 2024, on a desktop platform.

The Pistol

The hip thrusting vigilant and playable character, able to transform his limbs into various weaponry. 


(Details are subject to change)

The second playable character, Lunch, what she lacks in clothing she makes up for with a cardboard box able to summon utility items which can be used for combat.

The Piston

The local crime lord has a bone to pick with you and the gang. He is one of the featured bosses to be defeated.


P For Pistol is intended for 17+ with references to alcohol, sex and fantasy.


PForPistol.zip 56 MB

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The Pistol hears your kind words and shall dig deeper!


Looks great honestly

The Pistol shall do his best to bring Pew Pew back into gaming!

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Helping the world with positive vibes. What do you guys think so far?